The Benefits of Hiring a Professionally Trained Caregiver

Before social programs like Medicare and Social Security provided financial support to older adults, many had to rely on their family members to care for them.  In fact, some families made their parents or aging loved ones provide compensate for the care they provided to him or her. In Hendrik Hartog’s book, Someday All This Will Be Yours: A History of Inheritance and Old Age, he discusses how this parental caregiving can result in conflict among family members for a variety of reasons.  San Francisco In-Home Care understands that the responsibility of being the primary caregiver for one’s parents care can be very difficult. Luckily today we can hire trained professional to provide compassionate around the clock care.

These days, home care agencies such as San Francisco Home Care are popping up everywhere and it is increasingly easier to find high caliber caregivers that can offer respite to family members caring for a family member or loved one. It is, however, important to interview a number of agencies and their various caregivers to ensure he or she is a good match for your loved ones’ needs, both physical and emotional. San Francisco home care companies like Home Care Assistance have rigorously screened caregivers to provide the comfort of family with the experience of professionals.

We don’t care for our parents in the same way as in the past; we are now able to hire caregivers to provide respite care, instead of taking on all of the duties ourselves. Caregiving responsibilities such as arranging caregivers to come in to the home, scheduling doctor’s appointments and filling prescriptions can now be handled by a highly trained, professional caregiver.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration Increases as we Age

Don’t confuse age-related macular degeneration with the loss of sight associated with the normal aging process. In fact, according to an article published on, they are quite different.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a disease that affects 10 million people in the United States, with 1.75 million experiencing significant vision loss. See how San Francisco Home Care Assistance helps seniors with specialty needs.

By 2020, approximately 20 million Americans will be affected by AMD, with nearly a million residing in California.  While there are currently no preventative treatments, there may be something not so out o the ordinary that we can do to combat this disease: eat more fish. Studies show that eating fish two or more times per week can help reduce the risk of AMD.  We are lucky enough to live in the Bay Area, a place where fresh fish is both plentiful and easily accessible.  Not only is it easy and healthy to add a little extra fish to your diet, it could help prevent AMD.

For those currently dealing with AMD there is still hope that you can live a normal life despite your reduced vision. “You can work with it and make it a positive thing, or it can devastate you. You make these choices in life. What am I going to do about it? Is it going to define me, or am I going to help define it?”